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I'm Dùlin, French born and raised, 29 years old as of 2011, a bisexual, and have red hair and gray eyes. I am a Cancer with Scorpio in the ascendant, quite an explosive combination.
I have been in the GW fandom for about nine years ever since the show aired in France, and started writing fanfics during fall of 2003. I have a special room in my house where I keep all of my plot bunnies in carved wooden boxes and feed them cookies and brains. My best friend/muse/beta-reader should have been the keeper of my sanity if I had had any left by the time we met about 20 years ago. No worries, she's still keeping me in check when she happens to cross my dimension, which is quite often since we almost have a telepathic link by now.

When not fandoming, I like to discuss politics, feminism, books, video games and the likes.

The fandoms I read : Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz, Gravitation, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Rurouni Kenshin, FFVII and sometimes VIII, and a side dish of Gackt RPS every now and then ...

The fandoms I write : Gundam Wing, and I'm still a rookie in both Gravi and WK, but I try ! And Black Cat, apparently ... And I guess the Shinsengumi sort of have to count as a fandom because I love them more than just in Peacemaker Kurogane

The fandoms I want to write : Black Cat ... Oh my god I did it ! And Loveless, too. And Rurouni Kenshin.

The fandoms I try not to write : Final Fantasy VII. Seriously, people. Well, apparently not that seriously.

Everything that I write (or alternatively the things I try my hardest not to write) can be found on [personal profile] peacemillion, my writing journal.

I have a very open mind (Read, I love everything, yaoi, het, yuri, bisexual threesomes, you name it). I'm ready to give a chance to most pairings and most situations, and I enjoy a good PWP like any other fangirl as long as the sex is not cringe-inducing. Very few squicks, one of those being NCS used as a cheap plot device and followed by comfort sex. The rest is fair game, and I know how to use the back button.



I've been stamped at

I've been stamped at

gunboy sez YOHJI: a dungeonmaster in search of true love...
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